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Kathy Hinde has created a series of installations and performances based on a piano piece by Erik Satie called 'Vexations'. Satie instructed the performer to play this simple piece 840 times without a break, which can take up to 24 hours. The first exhibition was a series of nine installations sited in music practice rooms. The collection of installations was titled 'The Hole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts' and explored ideas around practice, performance, absense, obsession, and repetition.

An adapted version of one of the nine installations has been exhibited more frequently. This version consists of an upright piano lid mounted onto a wall at piano height. A  mechanised performance of Vexations runs continually using slide projections and a looped tape. It is the listeners job to count 840 repetitions to participate in the performance.

In 2000, Kathy collaborated with composer Bryn Harrison, to put together an evening of live art exploring the concepts behind Vexations at the Beehive Mill in Hebden Bridge. A recent incarnation of Kathy's alternative performances of Satie's 'Vexations' was at the concert Sonatas Pianos Machines and Interludes. For this show, Vexations was performed on a self-playing mechanised toy piano.

Vexations installation 1
Vexations projection onto closed piano lid
Vexations installation from original series of 9
Vexations installation from original series of 9
Vexations installation from original series of 9
Vexations installation from original series of 9