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Created in Collaboration with Ed Holroyd, TWITCHR is a participatory on-line artwork that invites you to observe starlings in Somerset by using Twitter to upload starling photos to mark the location they were spotted on a map of Somerset. The map of markers can then be played like a musical score, giving a louder voice to the starlings of Somerset and new tunes to sing. Starlings are known to imitate the tunes they hear and they are RSPB red-listed, and need protecting. TWITCHR aims to bring the plight of Somerset starlings to the wider public.

Despite their declining numbers, thousands of migrating starlings visit the Somerset levels over the winter months and can be seen in abundance at dusk performing their stunning aerial shows called ‘murmuration’ before roosting each night. A specially organised TWITCHR starling spotting walk took place on Sunday November 15th 2009 on the Somerset levels with a talk about starlings by environmental scientist Dr. Lisa Thomas. More TWITCHR events and developments to the application are planned for 2010.

TWITCHR was made possible with funds from Thrive Somerset and support in kind from The Merlin Theatre, Frome.

Twitchr flyer
Screen shot of Twitchr
Photo of starlings shot at Ham Wall, Somerset
Photo of starlings shot at Ham Wall, Somerset
Photo of starlings shot at Ham Wall, Somerset