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Video Responsive Piano

Created by Kathy Hinde, this is an adaptation to the Piano Migrations Installation, where the hanging piano is treated like a live instrument, played by videos that are mixed and controlled live.

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The videos move across the surface of the piano strings, triggering small machines to twitch and flutter causing the strings to resonate. This instrument has become a starting point for live performances, where the projections actually play the piano strings, and also provides a graphic score as a starting point for improvisation with other musicians. The performer can alter the speed of the videos, and the sensitivity at which they are analysed. The video is divided into a 5x5 grid, and the devices are arranged in a 5x5 grid on the piano. Movement or any change sensed in the video triggers a device in the corresponding square of the grid. Max msp programming by Matthew Olden.

The first performance with this system was at Concrete and Glass Festival, May 2010. The installation was exhibited at 20 Hoxton Square Gallery, London, and on one night the installation was joined by 4 performers, (Kathy Hinde, Matthew Olden, Nahum Mantra and Simon McCorry) who improvised as the videos on the piano were manipulated live. Documentation of that performance is here.

Video projection of birds triggering devices to play piano strings
video projection of birds triggering devices to play piano strings
videopiano hoxton3
Performance with installation, Hoxton, London, May 2010
videopiano hoxton4
Preparing for performance, Hoxton, London, May 2010