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Player-Piano Migration I

Short Algorithmic studies for player piano by Kathy Hinde. Created by re-mapping a Lithuanian fugue subject via data generated from the journey my family made from Lithuania to the UK.

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These three short studies are initial experiments with this idea, which I plan to develop further into more substantial works.

I researched the travels of my family, starting by tracing my great-grandmother’s migration from Lithuania to the UK in 1895. I choose to focus on the female line because this side of my family (my mother's) were Jewish, which is automatically inherited through the female line. This really interested me because I wasn't brought up Jewish, and am therefore displaced from the inheritance via lifestyle choices.

I created a series of musical works based on these migration routes of my family from Lithuania and the migration patterns of birds. The first three are compositions for player piano created using algorithms that respond to the data gathered from the migration routes of my family. This process involved using custom-made software, (Seismus) designed by my father, Chris Hinde at Loughborough University. The source material for these re-mappings is from a fugue written in the late 19th Century by Lithuanian composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis composed the year my grandmother was born. This fugue subject has been ‘displaced’ from Klaipedia, Lithuania to Wigan, UK then layered and restructured in a new way.

First performed at the Old Fire Station, Oxford at the event Echo Location on 8th October 2008.

Section of piano roll
Route my family travelled