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The Piano migrations installation becomes the site for a live performance

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In November 2010, the performance installation was featured at SESC Mostra De Artes, São Paulo, Brazil, with Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden.

Kathy Hinde manipulates the video projections to activate the piano strings in different ways whilst simultaneously providing a graphic score for the other performers. She is joined by Matthew Olden, performing with his own custom made live sampling software ‘i am the mighty jungulator’. Together they create a captivating performance where image becomes sound and sound becomes image through a series of transformations realised through acoustic sound, live sampling, automata and projections.

This version of the live performance was premiered at the Concrete and Glass Festival in May 2010, with Kathy Hinde, Matthew Olden, Nahum Mantra and Simon McCorry, commissioned by Lumin. There is a video of that performance here, edited from extracts of the performance mixed with photographs and video footage of the installation. The festival was filmed by Rockfeedback and there is a really nice video on their website of 'Week 2' from Concrete and Glass. Piano Migrations is featured at 3:11.