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Music Box Migrations

Video documentation from exhibition at m8show, OVADA gallery, Oxford, Oct 2008

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Music Box Migrations, by Kathy Hinde, are for a winding music box.

Images of birds, bird migration patterns and maps are printed directly onto strips of card. Holes are punched according to points on the images, or chosen points on the map. The holes trigger notes when the score is wound through the music box - creating unexpected melodies. Gallery visitors are invited to map journeys they have made onto music box strips, thus creating more scores to be played, and creating a space for conversations about journeys travelled in the past, or journeys that are wished to be made in the future.

An online version of this piece has been developed in collaboration with Ed Holroyd so people can map journeys and images to play on a virtual music box, and also listen to routes other people have mapped. This was launched in July 2009 for a piano migrations event at the Merlin Theatre, Frome.

Card being wound through music box
Cards to play through music box
Card being wound through music box