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Matthew Olden

Matthew Olden plays with the Piano Migrations live ensemble, and develops interactive software for Piano Migrations installations and live performances. Matthew developed the 'Sonar Piano Migration' and has programmed control systems for many of the other works.

Matthew Olden spends his time designing and building software, performing with his band, i am the mighty jungulator, composing, teaching and lecturing in max/msp. He has a diverse portfolio of innovative projects.

His audio engine i am the mighty jungulator has been described as 'the  sonic philosopher's stone' by Future Music magazine. It forms the core of an audio visual performance system for schools, developed with NESTA Futurelab, and is available as a popular freeware download. Together with its sister program Derek and Norma Olden it forms the basis of the I am the mighty jungulator band. Matthew has designed bespoke software for many audio-visual artists.

Performances / Exhibitions / Installations:
The IATMJ band won best new electronic act at the 2004 Diesel New Music  Awards, and have presented cine-sonic spectacles at Rotterdam Film  Festival, Tate Britain, The Science Museum's Dana Centre and The Port  Elliot Literary Festival to name but few. With I am the mighty jungulator, Matthew recently re-scored a classic zombie film for a multi-platform mystery tour, 're-imagined' Shostakovich's 6th Symphony in octaphonic sound with The Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Vladamir Ashkenazy; designed international dance DJ Nick Warrens' tour video; and premiered their awesome live audio visual performance at Bath International Music Festival.

Workshops / Education:
His generative audio-visual systems have shown at digital arts festivals, and enabled innovative education workshop models with the production of community portraits with young people and adults. Other workshops have included working with agencies such as the Philharmonia Orchestra, REMIX and the Basement project to help teenagers realise music quickly and easily. He has been a lecturer for Sonic Arts Network in max/msp and has demonstrated his software at the ICA, Royal Festival Hall and Cybersonica festival. His skill in programming means he has been sought to make installations for clients as diverse as the BBC, Sony, Hewlett Packard and the Norwegian Royal family

Examples of previous work / experience / performances:

- Performances/presentations with Piano Migrations live (Merlin Theatre; Newcastle Library; MYLIIT, Cardiff)
- Original score for Choreographer Suba Subramanium's tour 'The Shiver' (Sept 09)
- Glaber, generative online artwork commission by Media Art Bath (Aug 09)
- Original score for 'The Tell Woman' theatre show for children (April 09)
- Featured artist Powerplant, Liverpool (Nov 08 & Dec 09)
- Course tutor at Cybersonica AV-Lab ,Brighton (Nov 08)
- Cold War Late, V+A museum (Oct 2008)
- Hammerfest, Arnolfini, Bristol (Aug 2008)
- Hammerfest, Jean Vigo Centre, Bordeaux (July 2008)
- Elektrostatic, Colston Hall Bristol (May 2008)
- Fete d’Europe, Bordeaux (May 2008)
- Re:Sounds, Bath ICIA (March 2008)
- Swindon Film Festival 07, a self generative portrait of Swindon
- Fete d’Europe, Bordeaux (May 2007)
- Production of sample-sequencer program Philharmonia Orchestra (April 07)
- Programming and production for play.orchestra (June 06)
- Production of visuals Nick Warren (Mar 06)
- Bath International Music Festival (June 06)
- 'Re-imagining' Shostakovich with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy conducting (Oct 05)
- Late at the Tate, Tate Gallery London (Sept 2005)
- Jungulator a/v software NESTA Futurelab 05
- The PRS Foundation for New Music, Live Connections 05, Voyage into the Unknown 2.  (I walked with a zombie Sept 05)
- Port Elliot literature festival (Aug 05)
- Cybersonica Festival, London (Mar 05)
- Rotterdam International Film Festival (Feb 05)
- Winner of Diesel-U-Music Leftfield Electronic Award 04
- Diesel-U-Music awards, Fabric London (July 04)
- Interactive Sound Library, a permanent installation, BBC Bristol (May 04)
- Big Chill Festival, with Jony Easterby and Ansuman Biswas (July 04)
- Venn Festival Bristol, (May 04)
- Maschinista Festival, Glasgow, (May 04)
- Royal Festival Hall, Etherfest (Mar 04)
- Voyage Into The Unknown, Bristol/Bath canal (Sept 03)
- Supersonica festival, Custard Factory, Birmingham (July 03)
- The Dome, Morecombe (June 03)
- ICA London, as part of Cut and Splice Festival (Apr 03)
- PRS New Electronic Works award, voyage into the unknown, (Sept 03)
- Key note speaker/workshop Cp3 National Film Education Council (July 02)
- Sound pod design & realisation for BBC World of Mammals traveling exhibition (Dec 02)
- Arts Council funding for i am the mighty online jungulator, a remote music generator (Watershed, Bristol, March - June 02)
- Music for BBC Wildlife on One "Geckos, Space Age Lizard" (Feb 02)
- Keynote speaker/workshop NESTA Future Lab, Contagious Creativity (March 02)
- University of West England business plan award, Jungulator Automatic Music Machine (May 02)

Other Selected Appearances:
- Sonic Arts Network festival, Norwich (June 01)
- The Chapel Kings College, Cambridge (with Matt Rolagsky), (Mar 01)
- Big Chill Lulworth Castle, (Aug 01) and Eastnor Castle, (Aug 02)
- Arcart Festival, Tromso Norway (Jan 02)
- Northern Lights Festival, Tromsø Norway (Feb 02)

Matthew performing Piano Migrations with Kathy Hinde