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m8show, Sept 08

M8show was the graduate show for Oxford Brookes‘ MA in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice 2008. M8show took place at OVADA Gallery, Oxford and around the city from 27th September to 11th October. The MA course has four pathways, all of which are intertwined, with an emphasis on collaboration, context, site-specificity and audience engagement., Contemporary Arts and Music; Contemporary Arts; Sonic Art and Composition; and Social Sculpture.

For m8show, the Piano Migrations Installation, Toy Piano and Music Box migrations were exhibited together. The Installation was shown differently, because of the lightness of the gallery, and the strings of the piano were first seen through the gallery window, and interestingly, the gallery looks out onto the bus station - a place where people make journeys and are in transit. On entering the gallery, the video of the birds is seen, projected on the opposite side of the piano strings, and the realisation that the birds are playing the piano becomes apparent. The toy piano was housed in a blacked out area, like a miniature theatre big enough for one viewer. The toy piano joined in with the piano strings piece when someone entered the blackout area. The final item in the gallery space was the winding music box and images on card with holes punched in them for the visitors to play.

All pieces interacted and effected each other within the gallery space, yet could only be experienced in a slightly separated way; ie: watch the video and hear the sounds, then move to watch the devices playing the piano - but it’s not possible to see the video and the devices at the same time. If you brought the toy piano to life, you couldn’t see the video that was triggering it - however if someone else was viewing the video, the toy piano changed their sonic experience of watching the video. Occasionally, melodies from winding music box joined the soundworld.


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Piano Migrations at m8show
Piano Migrations at m8show
Piano Migrations at m8show