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Lisa Thomas

Dr. Lisa Thomas collaborated on the Player-Piano Bird Migrations. She researched birds that are at risk of declining in population due to changes in habitat. Her research inform the compositions by Kathy Hinde for player piano that were premiered at the Merlin Theatre Frome on 4th and 5th July 2009. Lisa also took part in the new work 'twitchr' with Kathy Hinde and Ed Holroyd

Dr. Lisa Thomas is versatile and professional multi-disciplinary scientist with a wide range of skills, both in the field and in the laboratory.  An experienced environmental consultant, project manager and teacher.  She has specialist experience in all aspects of the water environment. Lisa is also a keen photographer.

Technical skills:
• Site assessment
• Monitoring, sampling and analysis of gas, water, biological material and sediment
• Biological, geological and chemical, field and laboratory techniques
• Ecological/biological surveying – Phase 1 and River Habitat Survey
• Dye-tracing
• Water quality modelling
• Photography and photomicrography
• Microscopy
• Analysis and interpretation of data
• Report writing and desk studies
• Research skills
• Biological identification skills
• IT/Computer skills – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Minitab, Aquachem, WATEQ4F, Adobe Photoshop.

Work History
1982 – 1985.  Analytical chemist (Quality Assurance) for the Ministry of Defence, Royal Ordnance.
1985 – 1992.  Agriculture (own farm).
1992 – present.  Self-employed Environmental Consultant.
2004 – 2005.  Tutor, GCSE Human Physiology and Health (AQA) for Somerset County Council Adult Learning
2004 – present.  Associate Lecturer at Bath Spa University on various short term contracts in the Department of Science and the Environment.
2005 - present. Tutor (geology/hydrology/biology) for the East Mendip Environmental Study Centre, Whatley Quarry, Frome. 

Technical Reports (examples)
• Analysis of kiln waste and proposed treatment for disposal in inert landfill.
• Monitoring and analysis of quarry waste water for river augmentation scheme using chemical and biological indicators of quality.
• Investigation and report on suspected contamination in quarry waste water.
• Design and implementation of quarry waste water monitoring scheme in accordance with the ecological and chemical quality objectives of the  Water Framework Directive.
• Seasonal monitoring and analysis of landfill gas and leachate in the Cotswold Water Park.
• Investigation and assessment of groundwater and the effects on sand and gravel resources on an intensive arable farm.
• Environmental management and bioremediation scheme for the treatment of waste water from a sand and gravel pit.
• Environmental Impact Assessment in relation to a proposed bottled springwater business.
• Chemical and microbiological assessment of water quality in relation to a proposed bottled springwater business.
• Application for consent to abstract water for commercial use.
• Hydrometric data analysis and report for quarry extension planning permission obligations.
• Section 106 (Pt II, Water Quality Criteria) report on the long-term monitoring of vulnerable springs in the Mells Valley, Somerset.
• Proposed amendments to the Somerset Levels and Moors ESA Scheme prescriptions (for RSPB, Exeter).
• The lapwing (Vanellus vanellus), its ecology, status and conservation in the agricultural landscape (for RSPB, Exeter).
• Application for Countryside Stewardship on a small grassland farm in the Mendip Hills (with FWAG).
• East Mendip hedge species survey for FWAG funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.  
• Collation of information and report on participation in the Environment Agency Catchment Abstraction Management Scheme (CAMS).
• Water quality analysis, report and remediation of contaminated private water supply.
• Hydrochemical analysis of water in a disused quarry in relation to a proposed diving school business.
• Investigation of suspected high levels of heavy metals in tap water and information on potential health hazards.
• Annual report on freshwater biology for the Exmoor Natural History Society