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Kathy Hinde

The Piano Migrations project is led by Kathy Hinde. She has invited other artists, musicians, scientists to collaborate on some works to create a rich and diverse interdiscplinary mode of practice.

Kathy Hinde's interdisciplinary approach combines different art forms frequently through collaborations with other practitioners, partnerships with scientists, and input from the audience. She has created video and sound for theatre and live art performances alongside creating installations and site specific work. She has shown work in over 20 countries across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan, Colombia and Brazil.

Kathy has created interactive visual environments that are responsive to live situations and her video work frequently moves away from the screen. She has explored projection onto various structures and surfaces, including site-specific public projections. Her musical interests embrace various strategies of improvisation, generative systems, and unconventional notation alongside exploring the use of technology and automata in live performance.

Previous collaborators are many and include:  musicians Joanna MacGregor, Joby Burgess, Maja Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Sabine Vogel, and Andrea Neumann;  audio-visual artist i am the mighty jungulator;  dancer/choreographers Lotta Melin, Subathra Subramaniam and Jin Xing;  composers Stephen Montague, Gabriel Prokofiev, and Matthew Fairclough;  and she is currently working with composer Will Gregory of the duo Goldfrapp on Gregory's new Opera Piccard in Space.

She is part of the N.I.P. collective and Polar Produce and affiliated to the Merlin Theatre, Frome, UK.