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Ivan Franco

Ivan Franco collaborated with Kathy Hinde on the Bird Step sequencer. Ivan and Kathy are both part of the N.I.P. collective, and it was on a N.I.P. residency that this collaboration emerged.

Ivan Franco has a graduation in Environmental Engineering and a Msc in Digital Arts. His multidisciplinary approach led him to work in different fields like Geographical Information Systems, Virtual Reality but also Electronic Music and Human-Computer Interaction. He does lectures and art performances regularly and is also the R&D Director for YDreams in the fields of interactive and ubiquitous computing.

As an electronic musician and digital artist Ivan Franco is focused on the development of new interfaces with machines. He has presented performances and installations in the main electronic arts venues of Barcelona (CCCB, Metronom, Phonos, Art Futura), developing common projects and collaborations, both as musician and interactive systems designer, with people like Konic Thtr, Su-studio, Bert Bongers, Carlos Zíngaro, Rui Horta, Marko Brajovic or Pedro Carneiro.

Past work selection:

  • “Lively Dreams”, with Lígia Teixeira, CCB, 2008.
  • “Piano Migration V”, with Kathy Hinde, 2008.
  • “LED Fingers”, STEIM 2007-2008.
  • “Improbable Transgressions”, with Pedro Carneiro, Sirr, 2007.
  • “Algum Dia Tinha de Ser a Sério”, with Lígia Teixeira, CCB, 2006.
  • Ernesto de Sousa Scollarship honorific mention, FLAD, 2005.
  • ”Senta-te”, with Teresa Simas and Pedro Carneiro, CCB, 2005.
  • “Airstick”, NIME, 2005.
  • “Equilibrium”, Espaço do Tempo, 2004.
  • “Imprints”, 2004.
  • ”Parasita Acumulador”, with Carlos Zíngaro and Ludger Lamers, 2004.
  • ”Gesamtkunstbotwerk”, with Teresa Simas, Pedro Carneiro and Leonel Moura, 2004.
  • ”EME2004”, with Pedro Carneiro and Vitor Joaquim, Palmela 2004.
  • “Byte Mirror”, 2002.
  • ”Dastimulators”, Star Clix Opening 2002, Optimus Hype 2002, Boom Festival 2002.
  • ”,and2”, with Su-Studio, Videa, Barcelona 2001.
  • ”200 Años de Memoria RAM”, Fira de Futur, Callus 2001.
  • ”Data Stimula”, with Marko Brajovic, CCCB, Mosart, Art Futura, Videa 2001, Barcelona 2001.
  • ”Dodo Open Your Wings”, Zeppelin Festival, CCCB, Barcelona 2001.
  • ”Phonos Foundation Anniversary” – concert “Catatonic Duo”, SGAE, Barcelona 2000.