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Deloitte Ignite, Royal Opera House, Sept 10

Joanna MacGregor curated the third annual Deloitte Ignite festival - a weekend's exploration of the public and performance spaces of the Royal Opera House. 3rd to 5th September 2010

The Piano Migrations Installation was exhibited alongside  Dancing Cranes and 1000 Birds, shown in 'related projects' on this site.

The origami birds for 1000 birds were made during 2 practical workshops held at the Royal Opera house, and attended by over 100 children and adults. The piece was exhibited in the Linbury Studio in a wonderful forest environment created by designer Dick Bird using reclaimed telegraph poles, wood chippings and a rectangular pool of water; the subtle lighting and haze in the space added a magical atmosphere. The space was also host to a Gamelan Orchestra and Ensemble Bash (with Joanna MacGregor) who gave live performances at various points throughout the day. For thre rest of the time, Matthew Fairclough's surround sound birdsong composition played.

Piano Migrations Installation, Royal Opera House, Sept 2010
1000 Birds Installation, Royal Opera House, Sept 2010
cranes roh1
Dancing Cranes, Royal Opera House, Sept 2010
1000 Birds Installation, Royal Opera House, Sept 2010